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Hello! First and foremost, I am a fanboy. Superwholock is my ichor, sometimes I really get those fandom feels, so I decided to make a blog where I could post all of the fanfiction, fanart, and roleplays that spill out of me when I’m on the feels high. Suggestions are beyond welcome, they are encouraged, and I think I will take requests in the following areas:
Gallifreyan Translations
Enochian (or any other language) magic circles ( and penta/hexa grams)

Note: This is by the person who did latoilevierge. Because that was a secondary blog, I chose to make a new account with it as my primary!



At least they still have wings


in case there wasn’t enough demon!dean on your dash


Halo once gleaming like morning dew,
now tarnished with bright crimson gone dull.


A small collection of words & phrases my textbooks didn’t teach me.

1. 한입 (한모금): One bite. (One sip).

  • "한입에 다 먹어." Eat it all in one bite.
  • "한입만 줘~" Give me just one bite~
  • "한모금만 마실래." I just want one sip.

2. 식후땡: Smoking a cigarette after a meal. Combines the words 식사 (meal) + 후 (after)…

Adorable cuties (◠‿◠✿)